The Reesa Society

Reesa SocietyFor women named Risa, in all its spellings:
Reesa, Resa, Rissa, Reisa, Riesa, Raesa, Reasa, Riza, Risë, Reza, Reiza, Rhesa, Rhysa …
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The late mezzo-soprano Risë Stevens was an honorary member of The Reesa Society. She accepted my invitation to join with a lovely, handwritten note.

“Risa,” from the Latin for “one who laughs”

Although I spent my childhood thinking I was alone and different because I had such a “weird” name, I’ve since come to appreciate my moniker and have met other women and girls who share it.

In the 1950s, my mother would often mention an opera singer named Risë Stevens, but I knew of no other public figures so named until I heard of contemporary country singer Reesa Kay Stevens. I never saw any TV characters with the name until 1998, when both the “Seinfeld” and “Caroline in the City” shows ran episodes with a character named Reesa.

A number of other Reesas found me on the Internet at that time and contacted me. As I was just started to experiment with web design, I thought it would be fun to host a forum for all of us. We looked at the origin of our name together and shared what we knew. Is there a Jewish or Biblical connection to the name? Are Reesa and Risa both from Latin? Read the results here.

So if you share this unusual and beautiful name, feel free to join the Reesa Society. Lots of women have investigated our name’s heritage and chatted together on this site. As of now, the chat has been closed. But you can view a select archive here. I’m sure they will sound familiar to you.

Join and download your own membership certificate. It’s free, it’s informal … For fun and information only!

— Reesa Marchetti