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How does responsive design work?

Because mobile Internet usage just keeps growing, it’s important that your website be mobile friendly. And with responsive design, it’s possible to have a site that looks and works well on just about any screen size.

At Sheer Web Design, we build responsive websites in which the framework, and all content and media, adapt to display on different devices. When a user views the site on their desktop, they get the full view. But users visiting the same site from a smartphone or tablet will see the site has resized and shifted to fit on a smaller screen.

With a responsive website design, you needn’t worry about having different websites for various devices or making sure that your site runs properly on a mobile device.

View Sheer Web Design’s client portfolio to get ideas for your website.

In addition to responsive design, bookmark icons as well as search engine optimization are included in most of our packages. We also can provide you with a logo, stationery to match, and QR codes.

Want social networking links such as Facebook or Twitter on your website? Sheer Web Design will get you started.

Our website design coordinates with your marketing and promotion efforts. Most of our web design clients see their business increase as a result.

Written by Reesa Marchetti

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