An Internet pioneer and former underground music artist, Reesa Marchetti began writing HTML (Web code) for Prodigy Online Service in 1995. That was the year the World Wide Web first became widely available to the public.

She started Sheer Web Design in 1998 to meet the new demand for Web site design services. (See Resume.) Reesa stays up to date in this evolving field with a Skill Set that includes:

• Multimedia and HTML experience.
• Search engine optimization skills.
• Web marketing and e-commerce expertise.
• Mobile website design know-how.
• Music editing and production.
• Webmaster and Web Developer certificates from N.J. Institute of Technology.
• Advanced Photoshop, Graphic Design and Flash training.

Using her experience as a newspaper writer and editor, Reesa creates winning Web content for a number of high-profile clients. One of the first websites she developed, Relive the ’80s, was a popular multimedia tribute to the 1980’s new-wave punk-rock music scene in Philadelphia. She also created The Reesa Society, a community website for women named “Reesa” in all its various spellings, to explore the origin of their name.

Since then, Reesa and and the Sheer Web Design team combine creative design with Web marketing, coding and search engine optimization (SEO). She develops sites that not only look good, but also function well. Most Sheer Web Design clients see improvement in their business as a result.

Reesa enjoys working personally with all her clients to share her Internet knowledge and answer all their questions.

Reesa Marchetti is a winner of the New Jersey Press Association Award and the Golden Web Award.